About Us

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“What worship services are offered?”

Trinity Lutheran Church Ashmore is the congregation based on the college campus (Trinity Lutheran College, Ashmore). We have three worship  events on any given weekend. The Main Worship Service at the Ashmore Road Campus (Sundays at 9am) is in a liturgical style and celebrates Holy Communion. A Family-focused Worship Service (Sunday 9am during term time) is held at the Cotlew Street Junior School campus (Robert Hoff Hall).  And a youth and young-people ‘Saturday Night Live’ gathering is held at the Sports Complex at 5pm (Ashmore Road Campus).

“Questions about Baptism at our Church?”

General inquiries about baptisms are to be directed first to the Church Office Administration (5556-8220). From that initial inquiry we can send you an information brochure. For the Lutheran Church the Baptismal Rite is considered as a Sacrament and regarded as our adoption into the family of God. Therefore participation in congregational life and worship is the rightful expectation for baptism.

“Do you have Confirmation or Adult classes?”

Confirmation, as a faith formation course, takes place for students using our on-line YouTube instructions. These clips facilitate a weekly discussion between the parents and their child, using the FAITH5 journals. Confirmation is open to middle-school students (year level 7-8). For adults (Tertiary level and older), and those new to the Christian faith, are invited to attend Pastor’s Classes. These are offered on a needs basis and may run along side new membership orientation or adult baptism instruction.

“How do I become a member?”

There are two ways to think about membership: (1) as a denominational member of the Lutheran Church, meaning that you were baptised at one of the many Lutheran Churches around the world; and (2) as an active Christian connected to a local congregation. The first one is an institutional statistic. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics we have over 5000 Lutherans located on the Gold Coast. The second group is defined as active membership demonstrated through worship attendance. Our active membership is currently above 250, with a weekly average attendance of around 100.

Membership begins as a visitor by regularly attending our worship services. Congregational involvement is a voluntary activity. No one will ‘check’ why someone has not attended or force you to ‘show up’. If there are health issues, then please keep us informed, so that we can meet some of your spiritual needs. Worship is a free choice and a response to the Gospel message; it is not a must do or have to, but a divine invitation.

Come along a check us out next time you are visiting on the Gold Coast.