Dear member and guest

We are really happy to see you that you are browsing our web page and hope that you are finding what you are looking for. Here is an opportunity for you to support the ongoing ministry through our church efforts, local programs, and overseas mission projects.

Thank you for your support through your donation.

We have three ways here to help you choose the best way to partner with our ministry and mission.

Option 1: Donate through You can give one amount or a monthly amount, depending on what your preference is.


Option 2: Setting up your own Regular Electronic Transfer (RET) from your bank:

Want to be more organised with your giving, but still have the opportunity to change your offering with relative ease?

You can now set this up from your own internet banking profile and ensure your RET is a safe, convenient, and confidential way of giving to your congregation.

LLL Account name: Ashmore Trinity Lutheran Church
BSB: 704942
Account No.:  100217974

Option 3: Give through the LLL REG (Regular Electronic Giving) system.

You may also choose to pay through debit order into the LCA account by following this link:

To use the conventional system for REG, an LLL Direct Debit Request Form must be completed and lodged with the LLL. Also, read the Service Agreement before you send the completed form to the LLL. This form gives the LLL authority to deduct the amount you specify from your LLL account or your account with a financial institution, and transfer it to an LLL REG account held by the organisation to which you are giving. To alter the conventional REG please complete another Direct Debit Request Form (indicating it is ‘a change to an existing Direct Debit’).